Desjardins International Development

This project aims to increase the participation of women and youth in renewable energy value chains (REVCs) to foster the transition to clean energy in Senegal. The transition is slow to materialise despite the growing availability of technological solutions and the downward cost trend. The research will investigate the systemic barriers women and youth face as suppliers and promoters to access business opportunities/solutions in clean energy value chains and to promote energy innovations. 

 This project will: deepen knowledge of young people and women entrepreneurs as target clientele in REVCs through identification of profiles, gender barriers, barriers to innovation and potential for creativity; map sustainable economic levers and opportunities and identify support mechanisms to encourage the adoption of renewable energy solutions; strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities of young entrepreneurs in business leadership and through identification of projects with strong multiplier potential and adapted to a low-carbon transition; and strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders such as financial institutions, business services providers and other key players in the support ecosystem for clean transition to better meet the needs of women and young entrepreneurs. 

This information will generate high-quality, gender-responsive, actionable evidence for innovative national responses to support gender-inclusive and sustainable energy planning and policies in Senegal.